Butt Weld / Cladding

The deep knowledge in welding and cladding, togheter with the best available systems, resulted in Tecnoweld Italia’s capability to meet even the most demanding quality requirements.


Main welding processes:

  • SMAW butt weld (Shielded Metal Arc Welding);
  • GTAW butt weld (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding);
  • HW GTAW butt weld (HOT WIRE Gas Tungsten Arc Welding);
  • SAW butt weld up to 300 mm thickness (Submerged Arc Welding)
  • Strip Cladding SAW;
  • Strip Caldding ESW (ElectroSlag Welding);
  • Weld Overlay GMAW;
  • HW GTAW weld overlay




Welding equipment

6 SAW/ESW welding/cladding manipulators
2 robotized GMAW welding stations
20 GMAW welding stations
4 automatic GTAW welding stations
1 GTAW Hot Wire
1 ETR-S GTAW HW welding station

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